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ASIF Gateway

Access to Irradiation Facilities

of ASI-ENEA-INFN agreements

(version 2.2.4)


The ASIF program aims at establishing a coordinated and interactive set of radiation systems throughout the country, primarily (but not only) at the service of the national and international space community.

ASIF agreements with ENEA and INFN were established based on the consolidated concept that the development of future generation of EEE components is or is expected to be a key strategic area of interest for future Investments.
Currently, the ASIF gateway is located in the ASIF support center at the Physics Department of Milano-Bicocca University and it is supported within the ASIF implementation agreement involving ASI and Milano-Bicocca University. In addition (see ASIF implementation agreements 2017-22-HD.0 ASI-ENEA, 2017-15-HD.0 ASI-INFN, 2021-39-HH.0 ASI-ENEA and ASIF implementation agreement 2021-36-HH.0 involving ASI and Milano-Bicocca University), sr-nielhelmod and geomagsphere websites are supported within the space radiation environment activities of ASIF framework; their websevers are located in ASIF support center.

The ASIF gateway is the main tool to allow (registered) users to access the ASI supported irradiation facilities for radiation damage investigations within ASIF framework.

 ASIF facilities are planned to gradually become available to industrial, institutional and research registered user by means of the asif gateway website. 

Once registered, users will access the relevant pieces of information on:

  • How to book irradiation time
  • User access to the facility
  • Safety instructions
  • Irradiation parameters
  • Technical information
  • Request for technical support
  • Travel information

For each ASIF facility, documents and webpages will deal with particle species and beam parameters, energies or spectral distribution available, flux information, dosimetry information (dose, dose rate) or flux information, energy measurement accuracy information, flux measurement accuracy, radiation field uniformity at sample, beam purity, beam set-up and calibration and, finally, detailed description of the procedures required to book facility irradiation time (standard facility access procedure, etc.).
For studies exploiting reactor neutrons (i.e., TRIGA and TAPIRO facilities available in ASIF), at the booking procedure for irradiation time, registered users can obtain the expected NIEL doses using the appropriate reactor spectral fluence by mean of sr-niel dedicated calculators based on NJOY code.


Registration procedure


To register as a user of ASIF gateway one has to fill the linked form.

For any further information, please use our ASIF contact tool.

Be so kind to to know that the ASIF gateway is still under test. We will appreciate to be informed about any inconvenience might occur.